Nicole Small, Chairperson


(This Committee meets every First Thursday at 6:00 PM

in The Sheffield Center, 12048 Grand River, Detroit. For 

More Information call (313) 491-0003)

The BUY DETROIT Committee’s sole purpose and activity is to manage, promote, and develop the BUY DETROIT CAMPAIGN. The BUY DETROIT CAMPAIGN, which was the brainchild of DABO’s Founder Horace L. Sheffield, Jr. is designed is to buttress the bottom-line of Detroit based business, and to promote increased and targeted Detroit-focused consumerism, that is, encouraging and promoting Detroiters and non-Detroiters to shop and spend their money in Detroit or with Detroit based businesses.


The BUY DETROIT CAMPAIGN in the past, with the assistance of the Detroit Branch NAACP, was primarily promoted during the Christmas Season. During its infancy DABO produced and printed color coded maps of shopping areas with the City of Detroit that also included a map key that indicated what products could purchased at which of these shopping areas with the city.


The newly organized, and soon to be launched BUY DETROIT CAMPAIGN,  is an answer to the inordinate preoccupation, focus, and attention on new businesses being established by newly returning Detroiters.


Harold Meeks, Chair

 The Communications Committee shall have responsibility for establishing ongoing contact with the total news media. It shall develop the capability for preparing radio and TV news programs on a wide range of matters of importance to the Black community. The Communications Committee shall develop a film library and a speaker’s bureau on Black life and interests as vital educational resources for the non-Black community.

The Communications Committee shall provide public relations support for all dabo events and activities and for the same for each of dabo’s committees. Such events include but are not limited to:

Additionally, the Communications Committee shall manage and/or provide support for the following other dabo public affairs related endeavors and activities:

  • Manage DABO’s website (
  • DABO’s presence on 910 AM and that of its advertisers (On the Line Radio Show, Emma Lockridge, Producer)
  • Manage DABO’s On The Line DTE Sponsored “Sparky Calendar” Segment
  • Managing and publishing quarterly DABO’s Urban Voices Newsletter
  • Manage DABO’s On The Line 1st Saturday Monthly Live Broadcast from the Sheffield Center
  • Manage DABO’s Social Media presence including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (Montez Miller)
  • Manage DABO’s databases, Constant Contact, and collection of databases.



Brian White, Chairperson


The Community Relations Committee serves as to promote DABO’s work and witness among various local communities and seeks to be a Black community voice in respect to various segments of the non-Black community. It shall work to establish ongoing positive relationships with these groups in the interest of achieving mutual understandings, the pursuit of shared goals and the resolution of common concerns. Toward this end, this committee organized and administered the Detroit Dearborn Religious Alliance, developed in response the Dearborn Parks Ordinance to promote harmony between the two community, and likewise established the Detroit Inter-Ethnic Coalition to bring the various Metropolitan Detroit ethnic communities together to fight and to address ethnic bigotry,


Over the years the Community Relations committee has been funded to recruit and train volunteers for the Detroit Compact, secured funding for and oversaw the implementation and administration of the two school-based health clinics, and was also responsible for oversight for DABO’s Leadership Development & Training Program.


The Community Relations in the past has:


  • Developed, secured funding from the Robert Johnson Foundation for, and administered the first two school based health centers in the Detroit Public Schools, Northern and Northwestern.
  • Developed a foundation funded Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in the Detroit Public Schools in the early 1980’s.
  • Developed and was funded by the Neighborhood Builder’s Alliance of the State of Michigan to recruit, train, and place all community volunteers for the Detroit Compact.
  • Developed and administered the Alliance For A Safer Detroit which organized and operated the Freeway Courtesy Patrol.
  • Developed and administered two Adult Education Centers on the east and west side of the city of Detroit.
  • Developed the Last Chance Educational and Vocational Enrichment Program, the Detroit Cares Alternative Academy, and Project Self Sufficiency a WIA job training and educational enrichment program for older youth;
  • Developed the DWDD funded Project New Start, which was an Adult Education Center, that operated in the Samaritan Center that 75%  of all of our successfully completed their GED, and 90% successfully improved their reading comprehensive and math proficiencies two grade levels above where they were when they started the program.


Finance& Ways and Means Committee.

Mary Brazelton, Chairperson


The Finance & Ways and Means ways committee is the resource providing arm of DABO. It is responsible for all aspects of the DABO State of the Race Address, Forum and Dinner, including working with the Executive Director in the selection of the annual speaker and award recipients for recommendation to the DABO Executive Committee. It also plans and conducts the Annual Dollars for DABO United Community Appeal, coordinates and plans with the Executive the Annual Agency Budget and Annual Meeting, and in general works with the Executive Director to discover ways and means designed to make DABO self-sufficient.


This committee also works the Executive Director to plan for, manage, and provide the reporting of all of the agencies financing including but limited to Monthly Financial Reports, Annual Audits, compliance with funders guidelines, and any and all other fiscal responsibilities of this agency.


Internal Relations Committee.

Judge Deborah Thomas


The internal Relations Committee will have responsibility for all matters internal to the Black community; and it shall vigorously seek to implement those purposes, appropriate to the committee’s charge, as set in our constitution. Additionally, the Internal Relations Committee shall be activated by any important issue or concern, raised in writing by any organization affiliated with this association, by any board member, or by any member of our community who participates in any activity of this organization.  It is understood that such issue or concerns shall be referred by the executive committee, or the quarterly Community Summits, to the Internal Relations Committee, and the committee’s Chair, for its studied consideration. After the Internal Relation Committee has completed its research, due diligence, and investigation, the committee shall forward its findings and recommendations to the Executive Committee for the Executive Committee’s disposition, subject to the provision of this organization’s constitution.


Membership Committee

Lory Parks, Chairperson


The Membership Committee, as the affiliate organizing arm of DABO, has the responsibility for the recruitment of organization and the determination of their eligibility for admission. It continually seeks to promote the participation of the affiliate’s members and reporting, in a timely feedback, to the officers and members of their respective organizations.

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