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As you may have heard, the Trump Administration is proposing a $372M reduction in LIHEAP funding for FY ‘17, and complete elimination of the program in FY ‘18


LIHEAP supports our Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Program, better known as LSP.  LIHEAP, which stands for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is a federal program that helps low income households pay for heating or cooling their homes.  Most states use LIHEAP to help pay for energy bills for heating or cooling homes and offering additional help in cases of energy crisis.  The diminishing or elimination of this funding would have a profound impact on the communities we all work with.  Without it, there is very little to no assistance available to help vulnerable families with their energy needs. 


More information on LIHEAP can be found via the following links:


Information About LIHEAP!

More Information.


You are our natural allies in advocating for this cause, and we are asking for your quick action in two (2) ways by 5 PM tomorrow, April 21st


#1: Please sign the allies letter declaring your organization’s support for LIHEAP by clicking the following link:

Sign Attached Letter!


#2: Please send a letter indicating your individual support of this cause (Scroll down to see: ‘Write your congressperson now to insist LIHEAP be restored to the budget’):

Sign Attached Letter!


Thank you in advance for your steadfast support and action!  Please reply with any questions or concerns


Faith Based Program Manager
DTE Energy
Office number: 313.235.7636
Cell Number: (313)477-7533


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